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She fell off a cliff into the basement of her rock bottom

Yerlin Ramirez
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Yerlin Ramirez is an inspiration, someone who hit the absolute lowest of the lows but whose glow you can hear in a podcast. She’s found brightness after complete darkness, when she found out 10 days before she was going to move to another country with the man she loved and was going to marry that she wasn’t wanted anymore, being told she wasn’t going to walk again after falling off a cliff, but then finding peace with her past and moving forward (in the best possible way). This is her story.

Her meditation discussed within the podcast is here.

TAMAR: Hi, everybody. We are still in the middle of the Coronavirus chaos. Currently I am with somebody who is experiencing it, but not in the same way that I guess some other folks in more populated areas are. I would love to introduce you to Yerlin Ramirez. She will tell you where she is and what she’s experiencing right now. Yeah, take it away. Thank you so much for joining.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: First of all, thank you so much for inviting me to this beautiful space. And thank you so much to everybody listening right now. I first would like to send everybody love and light transition in this time that it is challenging for a lot of the energy of the planet. Yes, everybody’s experiencing this energy around the planet. I’m very lucky and blessed that I’m in a magical place in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is such a paradise. We are so small, just 50,000 square kilometers country. But we have 5% of all the biodiversity of the planet. So, it’s a really, really beautiful place. I am living in the top of a mountain and it’s like the highest peak of Central America. And it’s beautiful. I wake up with the hummingbirds and the birds and then I go to the river and I talk to the rocks and the trees and take the energy of the water. And then there’s nothing around, so the sky is beautiful, full of stars and shooting stars. Sometimes I count 25, 30 shooting stars a night and it’s beautiful, beautiful paradise. And yeah, I’m very lucky and blessed to be watching what is happening and unfolding in the planet through this protected little place. And that allows me also to do more energy work to support the energy of the planet, which I do a lot. So yeah, I’m very blessed to be here. And I know that’s where I am now. That is not always like that. It wasn’t always so easy and happy and beautiful and full of joy for me. And yeah, I will always love to share a little bit of that.

TAMAR: Yeah, I was saying we’re in the midst of this craziness right now. And yet, I guess in the sense that you’re in a countryside, not so populated area, you’re not experiencing it. The way that you know where I am in New York City right outside of the city. We’re seeing it. But interestingly enough, the two first cases of Coronavirus in Costa Rica are my friends. My two friends were with me. When this happened, they probably had exposure. They traveled to Costa Rica, weren’t feeling well, got a test when they heard that we were testing, and tested positive. And they were on vacation. And they needed to stay in their hotel rooms, the entire trip. They actually were relocated, I think to an apartment, and there was a camera on their door that if they were to leave, it was like they would shoot you on site. But that was the mindset that they weren’t allowed to leave while they were there. So that again is crazy. And yet it’s pervasive. But your country’s taking a lot of the right precautions and it’s also not densely populated. So, you’re doing very well for yourself.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, we’re like 5 and-a-half million. We have had 668 cases and just 4 deaths. And you know the 4 deaths were two men of 87 years old, one was 65. Another one was 45. All the 4 of them having men, no woman. Really sad, but it’s not as bad as in other places. So, we’re very grateful for that. And yeah, it’s taking a lot of precautions and things and just today I’m stuck in my house. My car is not allowed to be on the street today. So, today’s a waste. People are not allowed to drive. And other days you’re really encouraged to stay home and just go out if necessary, like the grocery store or drugstore, or things like that.

TAMAR: So, you said that you are now in an experience of you know, things are beautiful for you, but it wasn’t always that way. I assume it probably ties into what one of the themes of the podcast is like, rising above the ashes story. I mean, the fact that you’re embracing beauty in a time of really like troubled despair is something that I think a lot of us can draw inspiration from. So please tell me a little more about that and I will say, when I do these podcasts with people, this is just for the listener base here, when I do these podcasts, I don’t have this story in advance. So, when I come here, I’m really working on a completely blank slate. So, it’s not like this is a repeat. I’m learning this as you’re learning this and listening to this as well. So please, share your story.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Well, my story really started when I was 14 years old, and I just left my house with zero. I had 20 cents of a dollar in my pocket, and I was 14 years old. I left my house, and when I left, I had a broken nose and a broken body, like the doctors didn’t even know how to touch me because I was just really beaten up. I was beaten up by my parents. So, I left there when I was 14 years old. I left with nothing besides those 20 cents of a dollar in my pockets, and then I started to be on all of my own. I paid for my high school, I paid for my college, I paid for everything myself. But then let’s jump to that like two years ago, because two years ago is what absolutely really changed and transformed my life. I was what I think being very successful and happy. I was 10 days away from marrying a guy from South Africa. I was moving to South Africa.I was 3 months pregnant. And I was very happy. I have already moved a lot of my stuff to South Africa – suitcases. I sold most of my stuff in Costa Rica. And you know, I was happily pregnant. Happily waiting to marry my love in 10 days when I had this accident. I had an accident when I fell from a fourth floor. No one really survived falling from the fourth floor. I did. And when I had the fall, I hit a solid empty cement pool. I broke my whole spine, my leg shattered into pieces. So, I woke up the next day with the news that I will never walk again and my left leg to be amputated. And I was like, “What’s going on?” Like this is really, really challenging. I didn’t know.

TAMAR: How did you fall?

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, on how it happened is something that I really had to do a lot of internal work to release and forgive and let go because coaching and training is my thing. So, there was this really, really wealthy woman. She lived in a $5 million house here in the mountains in Costa Rica. I didn’t really know her, I’ve just seen her like 2 or 3 times, but someone gave her my contact. She called me if I could go and do a session with her. She was going through a lot. At that time, my rate was like 1,000 an hour. So, I’m gonna make $2,000 now, go there and make some money. I went there and we had the session. She invited me to stay for sushi. And then she said her friend was coming. I was talking to my fiancée because it was 10 o’clock in Costa Rica by the time we were 6 o’clock in the morning and the next day in South Africa. So yeah, my guy always called me every day when he woke up. So, I was talking to him. Frank came and gave me a little gum, but it was like a gummy bear that I ate. They never told me the gummy bear had a drug in it.

He had marijuana and I never smoked marijuana or any kind. My body was totally bludgeoned to all of that. Besides a glass of wine, my body was like no cigarettes, no weird, no nothing. So, the reaction of my body was very, very strong. And I just received this thing, and my body was like, “Run, run, run.” I started running and I fell into a cliff.

TAMAR: Wow. That is crazy. Oh my God. I do wanna say that we’re doing a face-to-face here. We’re doing a Skype call. And you’re moving around. I see that. So, let’s talk about that. Thank God.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: So yeah, I was in the hospital. They found a doctor to reconstruct my leg in Titanium and not to have to cut my leg. So, he did that. And then they found another doctor. They say, well, we can perform a surgery, you have 80% chances to die, but if you make it you have an opportunity to be able to walk again, and I said I take it. So, I had that surgery, they rebuilt my spine in titanium tube. When I finished the surgery, I called my fiancée in South Africa to say like,”Hey, I made it alive, I’m alive.” And he replied to me, “This relationship is no longer good to me, we need to break up.” And then he left me right there in pieces when I just lost our unborn child. You know, I felt broken in pieces in the hospital bed, 10 days away from moving to South Africa with all my stuff already there, all my stuff in my house, everything at that point, because I was moving to South Africa. I had cancelled all my insurance. So,  I was left with $200,000 debt. I was left totally broken: spiritually broken, emotionally broken, heartbroken, and physically broken. I thought that was like rock bottom. I didn’t know rock bottom had a basement. So, I was at the basement, rock bottom. I have kids, and I had to care and provide for my kids. So, it was like a big, big challenge for me at that time. Yeah.

TAMAR: Wow. Wow, wow. I’ve heard stories. I’ve been doing this since the middle, at the end of last year. And this is the story to take away all stories. Wow. So, obviously I think there’s gonna be a couple of unanswered questions here.  I’ll ask them both so that they stay top of mind here. Number one is, why would he do that? And number two is, did the people who ended up drugging you, got any consequence?

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Well, I did well. First, my brother said like, “I want to kill that woman.” But I realized then that this kind of people move in certain circles and things, like I learned later these people don’t want to have their names in the news or things like that. They can really do very low things to you to protect their name, or their family or things. And I just really believed God is my lawyer and everybody will always receive what they need. And I also have a deeper understanding, spiritually, that people are just characters in our life. And we have like a contract, we have a life and something to do in this planet. And I think that this person, even though it costs a lot of damage to my life, and I ended up almost dying and losing everything, I had gifts and blessings that I have received from that accident. I am deeply honored and blessed by it, because there was just a deep, deep change and opening into my life. And that is beautiful. So, I bless this person.   I actually blest this person, I forgave this person. And I believe I have released the guilt because at the end, everybody’s just a character playing in the role of our life. For whatever reason, my soul thought that it needed that to grow and expand. So yeah, I don’t hold any kind of regrets or any kind of pain or hate to this person. I’ve just blessed this person. And as for him, why he would do that? I don’t know. He’s a pro. I didn’t know if I was going to work again. I have just lost the child we were expecting. He was younger than me. He was at the other side of the planet. He couldn’t come. He couldn’t come back to see me because he will work. I don’t know what was it. Or maybe he just didn’t love me as much.

TAMAR: That’s crazy. Why someone would do that. The only thing I could possibly think of is that he met somebody else. And that’s not to dismiss what you’ve offered. But like, “What in the world?” That’s just crazy.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah. I don’t know. I mean, I was 10 days away from moving there. I’m like marrying this person. He met that person right away. I don’t know. I think that he got scared or something.

TAMAR: Yeah, I think that he got scared or something.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, he brought what he needed to bring into my life, his mission and his awareness. And I’m deeply grateful to him for that. But you know, I released him. I wished him happiness. I hope that he can be happy and he can find love and happiness and joy.  I truly believe that and for me it was a challenge. I was left paralyzed. I was like a grown-up baby. I needed to have my diaper changed. I needed to have people feeding me on my mouth. I needed to have people giving me a sponge bath. Like I couldn’t do anything, and then I couldn’t work. I was afraid for who was going to provide for my kids. I was in deep pain physically. So, I didn’t even know what pain to feel. Like if I should feel the pain of my life, the man that I love just left me or if I should feel the pain that I just lost my unborn child, of the pain that my body was destroying to pieces, of the pain that I was massively in debt. You know, it was like a lot of pain together. And that’s why I think that I was in hell. And I always tell my clients that I know hell pretty well and I know the way out because I’ve been there. That’s why I help people today say that it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what you feel, your life is right now. It doesn’t matter what you think you’re going through. I just been there, broken hearted, broken, body, broken spirit, broken mind. I’ve been there. I understand deeply. It’s not that it was one thing. It was like all the things at the same time.

TAMAR: So yeah, it was crazy.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: And then coming out of that it was like I started really applying what I knew, like I know a lot about the mind and the brain. I do have a new specialization in brain plasticity and neuroscience. I have studied so much NLP, neuro linguistics, neuro semantics, and neuroscience. I did a lot of studies and things but this was the testing of all that and really doing it. And then I started working with energy, challenging energy, rewiring my mind and doing what I had to do. And then the doctor says, with a lot of therapy, I may be able to work again in 2 years because of the damage on my spine and my leg was so big. I always had trust in the diagnosis but don’t trust the prognosis. Because you’re the one that know your body best and you know what you’re capable of doing. So, I started working with energy and channeling energy and healing and commanding energy in my body to move certain way. And through all that, 8 weeks later I was able to be working again. Just 8 weeks later, I was working again; week 9, I was in Bali and Singapore teaching and coaching. And in the last 2 years I was in almost 40 CDs, 30 countries. And yeah, helping, teaching and serving people all over the world, because it was like a big calling, helping people transform their life and become just very powerful creators of their reality that they want to have now.

TAMAR: Right. Wow. That’s amazing. And how long ago was this?

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Two years ago.



TAMAR: Look at you now. And now you’re in the top of the world literally, not just I think mentally. I can get it. I definitely get that vibe. I mean that this story is truly inspirational. It’s really, really fascinating. I say it’s really an honor to meet you. It’s really an honor to meet you, but it’s also an honor to have you on the podcast.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Thank you. Yes, it has been a beautiful journey. A journey that has taken me to the limits of what we can do as creators, what we can do as humans, how we can connect, how we can regrow and heal our body. How we can really rise from anything is really like Phoenix. We can rise from anything, we can go higher, we can create a beautiful reality. We can just really, really change the reality of whatever it is that we’re doing. Like, I went from being $200,000 in debt and not having any money living. Really, I was living on the charity of people bringing me food and things when I had my accident within the next year, paying off that debt. I’m making like half a million dollars just by really serving people and helping them and traveling the world and surviving all of those things and just getting stronger and then meeting the love of my life than once ago and being really happy. And just having deep relationship with spirit, with God’s universe, whatever you want to call it but that’s the biggest stronger thing in my life. And that’s for me, when people come to me often, is about connection. Connecting to that source, connecting to that spirit, connecting to that energy and connecting to that cause. When you connect to that then I see the Magic starting to happen in people’s life, because I realized that a lot of us have lived in disconnection from that source. So that’s like a missing part of the puzzle. And once we have that, then we start really, really seeing the magic happening around us. So, it’s beautiful.

TAMAR: I love the attitude. I love the philosophy. You know, it’s really interesting, because I’ve been talking obviously, about COVID-19. Because I mean, it hit me personally. It hit a lot of my family and friends. Personally, it’s friends and their friends, all these good people. And they also say if you’re genetically predisposed to getting the virus, you’re going to have it and you’re going to get it. I think that definitely makes sense. But I’m starting to see that it’s hitting even the people you wouldn’t think would get it. So, I would say that that’s true. But there’s certainly a large percentage of people who are in the hospital.  Nonetheless, I would say that the attitude in general of a lot of people is more despair than usual. It’s like, it’s the end of the world. And if you asked me about two years ago, it’s what my philosophy would be on this, it would also be very negative, like, “The end of the world, the end of the world.” But I’ve been writing a lot of pieces in a lot of medium. I wrote a few about how this is an amazing time to be alive. I mean, think about the fact that we have a story to tell our children and grandchildren. And I think it’s crazy that we’re all going out wearing masks and wearing gloves. Like it’s almost beautiful that we’re all going out and wearing masks and wearing gloves. It’s beautiful, because we’re all doing what we can to protect the world. And in 5,10 years, will this be our reality? No, this is a thing like the Spanish Flu in the early 1900s; we’re having this, like, it’s a historical moment. It’s like something that skips a generation usually. And then it comes back. And I would say that it’s a very sad time. And I’m saddened that people are losing their lives to the virus, but it’s also an incredible time, because we’re starting to see the best and the worst in humanity. But mostly the best. And yet, I haven’t really had the conversation with any people in the podcast today, where they’re looking at it in a really beautiful lens. So, it’s nice to be with a like-minded individual. I will just say that.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Thank you. Yes, I think that, you know. My heart feels and hear for all the people that have been impacted by this. We all have been impacted in one way or another. And I also think that for people, the image and the hologram that we hold for ourselves and for the planet is a beautiful time to be alive. I think that what is being created is beautiful. This path that  this energy has put us all on has been so much necessary to stop the thing to go inside, to really be grateful for the things that we have taken for granted every day, to give the planet a break, to connect better, to be closer to our children, to be closer to Mother Nature, to be closer to whatever is really and truly important. I think that these have given us that opportunity to truly go inside and see what’s important. And also to be able to transcend them, to connect and transcend to higher realms and to a higher part of ourselves and to connect with the most beautiful intentions and energy that we can broadcast. Because all that we can do in our part besides of course cleaning our hands is the state that we’re holding, what  energetic signature that we’re sending out there that is creating and adding to the collective humanity that we are together.

TAMAR: It’s really hard to embrace that. I will say it really is. I can give you a little bit of a story here. I was in a Facebook group and somebody had made a comment about how Coronavirus has actually helped him. And somebody and I’m the moderator of the group, wrote no one should be loving COVID-19 locked comments. And I seeing it like at 2 o’clock in the morning, said, “Listen, I just wanted to say here’s a perspective that I want to offer you that’s different.” I said, “Listen, I love that Coronavirus is making us actually see each other face-to-face. I love Coronavirus is making sure we check with our fellow humans. I love that Coronavirus is actually making me accountable for the people in my community. I have no apologies and no regrets.” I got banned from the Facebook group and she blocked me on Facebook. And I understand. You know, Stephen Covey, who has written, is obviously somebody that a lot of people follow. He’s written the 7 Habits I’ve spoken about in the past. Yeah, so that one of the habits is that you need to start seeing, and he uses that optical illusion, where you see the young woman and the old woman, depending on your angle. And he really drove that point home that you could see one picture and have different approaches toward that picture. And he repeats that throughout the book, that you have to see different mindsets. I see his mindset. And I will respect his mindset. I say that should have been alright. Unfortunately, I forget that not many people are open to see the contrary view, even though the contrary views are highly respectful. Like I would be happy to share this message. No, but I don’t want to put out anybody.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: There’s this amazing book by Napoleon Hill calling out the devil because it’s from 1938. And it was just published three years ago. But there in the book, there’s a part that said that two entities are present in every living being in the planet. And one entity is the fear and another entity is fate. So, they’re both very, very powerful. And it says that, a lot of people have fear. And this fear is to me just fate in the wrong direction. Like, you have faith that something’s gonna go wrong. And that is going to be right. I just trust that we are going through what we need to be, growing as humanity. And yes, it’s very sad that a lot of people have been affected by it. And I also believe that we as humans, are super powerful, and we can rise through anything and we will be stronger, more together, more connected, more aware, happier, and full of joy every time. Next time we see people and we can hug them, that’s going to be a really, really significant meaningful hug. So yeah, that’s what I believe.

TAMAR: Yeah, I love it, I love it. I think, especially in your situation, we’re in the basement of the rock bottom. That is the really place you can’t hide. There’s no place to go up in that situation. Then, there’s no place to go down from there. There’s only hope. And I think once you experienced a moment that brings you to a rock bottom, however deep depths, however deep in the depths of the rock bottom you are in, there’s nowhere else to start to see the world but up. So, I love what you have said. I love what you’re doing. I love it. And I think that’s exactly the way we need to be, we need to live that way. We need to start seeing that right now. And I’ve been saying this, 1 of the 3 core tenets of my podcast is rising above the ashes. Right now, most of us are in ashes, because we’re in a moment of our lives where things are low. And yet we can bring ourselves and start to think that we’re going to be better. And we’re going to bring ourselves into better life after this. We’re just going to be stronger and closer, hopefully a closer-knit human race as we’ve never been before.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Full of love, full of connection, full of helping and seeing each other. Really connecting with the land, connecting with the earth, connecting with the energy of creation, respecting the nature that have been giving us. Just learning to live in harmony is we really want to make it all together. So, I think that it’s a beautiful opportunity to actually rise higher as humanity and I really look forward for that. Like, I’m holding the energy of that. And that’s what I see coming. That I see lots of people really thriving. I see people coming together. I see people living in abundance for what they truly need, not what they think they need. We don’t need so much, sorry for my language. But we don’t need so much that we think we need. We have actually gone back to the basics when you know the lady with a beautiful organic garden is more sexy than the CEO with a Ferrari. However, they all are fantasies. You know, we really need to go back to having that connection with Mother Earth and with the other humans and really see each other as just seedlings playing in this beautiful garden that we have been given, this planet.

TAMAR: Yeah, so for me, I love to see people outside now. There are so many more people outside and most of them are really responsibly social distancing, which is really nice. I think that people are starting to realize that we have this beautiful earth to enjoy and to appreciate. And thankfully we are giving the earth a reboot because we are minimizing our trave, we are doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. And I think it’s really nice to see. To that end, I guess that kind of ties into your embodiment, your philosophy in terms of self- love is the attitude that you’re taking. So, let’s talk about your self- care routine. What is that you talked about? I will say really quickly, we were going to have this meeting a little earlier but you said you had a very important morning ritual. So, tell me a little bit more about that. And let’s learn a little bit more from that.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah. You know, I’ve been a kind of a nerd my whole life. I have 7 careers, 4 master’s degree. I was obsessed with learning and handling one of my careers which is holistic nutrition. And then I have a specialization in Ayurveda medicine. So, I do a lot of energy work with people and so my energy for me is my currency. I help and support people through my energy and holding them in that energy and that high energy. So, for me, energy is really my currency, is what I value the most.  I live the most of my life every day like, “Is this loving my energy or is this not loving my energy?” Like, “Does this take my energy higher, or is draining my energy?” So, the questions that I guide myself are: Is this loving my energy? Is this gonna make me feel more better?  If not, it’s a no, no for me. I’m very strong into taking care of the body and the immune system and what we eat and the chemistry and the chemicals that we put inside. So, I usually wake up having a green, green shake, or some days it can be water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and some chlorella, spirulina, some chlorophyll, some camo camo; it’s just greens, or it can be a different color. It usually goes with a very nutritious drink and supplements and things in the morning. Then I usually have green coffee enemas, that cleans the liver and cleans the body. And then I will walk to the river. And I will usually make my own bath where no one can see me, or my bathing suit if there’s people around. But I think I absorb sunlight, because I believe in the power of sunlight. And then I will jump into the river and just play in the river and absorb the energy of the river. Then I will do some grounding, then some meditation. I will do some breath work. And then I will write in the meditate journal, pray. Yeah, that’s kind of what I do in the morning and that is really important to me, the things that I do every morning.

Yeah. Energy is very important for us to fit in that energy and to know what is the energy that we gonna have for the day. And yeah, I have a really small mantra that was given to me and that I repeat, every single morning. I repeat this and it just says like, “Thank you for another day. Today I surrender my intention to divine intention, I surrender my will to Divine Will. From this place of humbleness, I ask the spirit to be protected and to guide me in what’s the next inspired action that is going to take me and humanity to be great.” And that’s this little mantra that I do every morning. And yeah, that’s what I do.

TAMAR: That’s amazing. I think those things you have to reinforce these strong words in your minds. I have a little decal in my bathroom that says “Be awesome today.” And sometimes I don’t read it, but when I do, it has a definitely subtle effect, it suddenly enters your pores and really kind of pushes you in a position where you feel like you need keep getting it done. When I run, I listened to an album called Fearless Motivation. Seriously, that same stuff makes a change in your mind, making you a better version of yourself. And I will say that while I don’t do it every single day, it really is a morale booster. It’s amazing. It’s really something I highly recommend. Anyway, if you can tell yourself, right after you came out of this, you were in your ashes when you were literally in your basement. If you can give her some piece of advice, what would you tell her?

YERLIN RAMIREZ: To me? To myself?

TAMAR: To yourself. Yes. What would you tell yourself when you were in your rock bottom?

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, I think that what I keep to myself is my choice. Like there’s a choice into how I choose to be and what is my alternative. Like, is my alternative to be feeling sorry for myself being broken and feeling it’s the end of the world for me? Or do I want to rise from the ashes of these like the phoenix and fly really, really high? So, for me we all have a choice. And I just want to finish this with a little story that my daughter actually told me. And she came to me when I was there in bed, one day I was crying. I was crying so much. And she said, “Mommy, why are you crying?” And then looking at me, like, “Mommy, you’re gonna tell that story.” And I was in bed and then I said, “Well, I can’t see the path. Like I can’t see the bird anymore. I can’t see anything ahead of me, everything is gone. You know, the fence of the baby, the money, the body, like everything.” And she’s,  “Mommy, do you know about ants?”  And she said “Ants communicate with each other through a hormone that they have in the forest, but sometimes because they’re in the forest, the leaves come and they cover the path. So, the path that they were creating for each other, and that they were living, they cannot see the path anymore. And that time need to ask, do I go back like I failed? Or do I start taking one leaf at a time? Because Mommy, the path hasn’t gone anywhere. The path is there just covered by the leaves. So, it’s time to ask yourself what kind of ant are you?” And that was very, very strong for me. Because it is just start taking one leaf at a time. And just ask yourself, what kind of ant are you? What kind of human are you and that is going to help you make decisions of who do you want to become and what’s the new identity of the person that you want to build from those ashes? And what’s the story that you want to tell the world about yourself?

TAMAR: Wow, how old is your daughter? That is very profound.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: That is very profound. She’s amazing. She’s a very, very wise soul. And she’s 15 now, but she was 13 at that moment.

TAMAR: Yeah, learning things from our younger generations. That’s beautiful. Beautiful.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, how I do learn a lot from my kids.

TAMAR: Thank you so much for your time. I hope that you stay safe, enjoy the beautiful view, the beauty around you and everything else. And I will tell you that I am totally absorbing this light that you’re telling. And I really hope that everybody else takes it with them, and hopefully goes through what we consider for the most part, as a collective human race, a very difficult time. But hopefully this will really elevate them to higher levels.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, and does anybody want to receive my channel and meditation that is beautiful, in 17 minutes and 17 seconds. It’s an inspiration that I received in the top of the mountain and it’s called Rise Over Kneeling. It’s rise over instead of kneeling to the fear of this new energy. So, it’ s rise above it, and not kneeling to it anymore. It’s just a beautiful meditation. Anyone listening, can go to my website and send me a message or go to my Instagram, or my Facebook and they can message me and I will be happy to let anyone have it because it’s very, very beautiful. And I just felt called to just give it to anyone that needs it.

TAMAR: I will definitely make sure that everybody gets it. And I’ll link to it and in the post for sure.

YERLIN RAMIREZ: Yeah, thank you very much. Really.

TAMAR: Thank you, keep safe.


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